Notes on Ownership of the Grand Falls Mill

Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company Limited-Founded in January of 1905 to develop the Exploits River Watershed for pulp and paper development. The Company was reorganized in 1933 but the name was still the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company. This was the name of the Company that owned and operated the Grand Falls Mill from 1905-1965.

AND new symbol


In 1961 A.N.D Co merged with Price Brothers. The Newfoundland operations went on under the name of the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company until April 29, 1965.

Price (Newfoundland) Pulp and Paper Limited-On April 29, 1965 the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company officially changed its name to Price (Newfoundland) Pulp and Paper Limited.


Abitibi-Price– In 1974 the Abitibi Paper Company acquired controlling interest in Price, the parent company of Price (Nfld). The resulting company became the largest pulp and paper company in the world. The official name of the company was not changed to Abitibi-Price until 1974.

Abitibi Price logo green

Abitbi-Consolidated– In 1997 Abitibi-Price merged with Stone Consolidated to form Abitibi-Consolidated.


AbitibiBowater-In 2007 amidst a crumbling newsprint market, pulp and paper giants Abitibi-Consolidated and Bowater merged. Somewhat ironic, as Bowater had owned the Corner Brook mill from 1938 to 1984. AbtibiBowater closes the Grand Falls mill in 2009. Shorly after the closure of the Grand Falls mill AbitibiBowater files for bankruptcy protection. It emerges from bankruptcy protection in December 2010 under the name Resolute Forest Products.


Subsidiaries (in Newfoundland):

Terra Nova Properties-was a subsidiary of the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company Incorporated in 1926 to handle the AND’s interests in the Buchans Mine. It was liquidated in 1982. If memory serves me correctly Price’s mineral interests in Newfoundland were sold off or reverted to the Newfoundland Government in the mid-1970s.

Alexander Bay Pulp and Paper Company Limited-Formed in 1922 to take over the assets of the Terra Nova Sulphite Company. Since all of its directors were officers of the Anglo-Newfoundland development Company it is likely it was formed for some taxation purposes with regards to rent on timber limits or stumpage. It was dissolved in 1929.

Bishop’s Falls Pulp and Paper Company Limited-Incorporated in October of 1921 this corporate entity appears to be of the same nature of the Alexander Bay Company. It existed until 1923. The Bishop’s Falls operation of AE Reed had become increasingly dependent upon the Grand Falls operation. Lord Rothermere was the controlling stakeholder of the AE Reed (Newfoundland) Company by 1916. AND also controlled the shipping for the entire output of this mill. A pipeline was built in 1923 though it appears the façade of the Bishop’s Falls operation being a spate entity existed until the latter part of the decade.

Grand Falls Central Railway Limited-Incorporated in 1956 to control the operations of the Botwood Railway. Actually existed until the 1990s.

One comment

  1. All my relations worked in the paper mill abitibi price as they lived in Grand Falls and still do and also in the paper mill in Corner Brook. My father’s ship was torpedoed in the Second World War and it was called the Rothermere which was Lord Rothermere who started the Grand Falls paper mill.


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