Grand Falls

Construction and Deconstruction

Valley Road Cemetery

Laying the Groundwork at Grand Falls 1905-1906.

The Smokestack

Why is there a Presbyterian Church in Grand Falls?

The Weathered Storm-The Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company, Central Newfoundland and World War One.

The Botwood Highway

Obliterated-Then and Now on Lincoln Road

Grand Falls House

The Fox Farm

Keeping Up Appearances-How a Visit from a British Prime Minister Encouraged the Development of the Grand Falls Golf Club

The Old Post Office

Is There Somewhere to Get a Drink in this Town: The Encyclopedia of Grand Falls-Windsor Bars, Lounges, Pubs, Clubs and Taverns.


  1. This is not a reply . I’m looking for information about my grandfather, John Healey. He apparently worked on the construction of the mill and fell into the river while working in the forebay. He caught pneumonia and died later on. He was from Holyrood.. My dad , Philip Healey was his son and retired from the mill in 67.
    Would you have any information about this? You can email me at:

    thank you,
    Phil HealeyJr.


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