Logging History

Who Cut Where and When-The Magnitude and Rough Timeline of Logging Operations in Central Newfoundland.
The Paul Bunyan Pull Off-Noel Paul Brook 1959
“Back in Them Old Times”
The IWA Strike-The Elephant in the Room, Part I
From an Up Country Trickle to a Down River Roar- The Log Drive in Central Newfoundland.
Not Fit-Living conditions in the Newfoundland Lumber Camps
The “Badger Drive” Examined
The Winter Haul Off and The Transportation of Pulpwood on Land
French Loggers and a Favorite Fishing Hole
The Last Years of the Log Drive-The View from Above.
Forest Fires in Central Newfoundland
Lewis Miller-In His Own Right.
Interior Flotilla-Logging Boats on the Inland Waters of Central Newfoundland
Divisions and Depots-Going Down the Line: Rattling Brook Depot and Bishop’s Falls Logging Division
The Newfoundland Lumbermen’s Association-The Early Years


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