That time when most of the Bars were for Sale

You will have to forgive me for this. I’m on Christmas Holidays and there is a Cheers marathon on.

Here is another banana that fell off of my research tree.

Way back in 1979 if you were in the market for a drinking establishment in the greater Grand Falls area you were in luck! The Car-Sans (Robin Hood Inn), The Hillview Inn (Kelly’s Pub), and the Oasis (the vacant lot by Leech Brook) were all on the market.

79 05 28 So many bars for sale
Anybody want to buy a bar?

I am only aware of one of these bar’s being sold because of the ad. I’m unsure if the Constables were able to sell the Oasis, Carrie LeMoine sold the Car-Sans to her daughter and son-in-law, which leaves the Hillview Inn-which then became the Inn-Terrior, and even latter-Kelly’s.

Maybe it was hard to compete with the entertainment being offered at Carey’s?

79 02 08 Careys anniversary specials

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