Christmas Tidings and Tidbits

Artist’s (John Maunder of Guardian Limited) Rendering of the giant Christmas tree erected on High Street in 1958. I’ll let you in on a secret, it wasn’t a single tree. (GFWHS)
The guts of the tree.
The real deal. (GFWHS)


The Mill decorated for Christmas, circa 1966-67. (GFWHS)


Every year the mill would give out turkeys to employees. In this 1959 or1960 photo Ron Smith Sr. of the Employee Relations Department hands out turkeys; no small jobs as there were probably 1300+ turkeys that had to go out that year. Not sure about hams though. (GFWHS)


73 Dec 22 Ken Goodyear Christmas Hugh Cole Santa important
Ken Goodyear’s tales of Early Christmases at Grand Falls. (Grand Falls Advertiser, December 22, 1973)
Entertainment from one of those early Christmases. (GFWHS)
Christmas party at the Mill, Circa 1952 (GFWHS)
Clarence is even stupd at christmas 1973
“Yes Virginia, Clarence is still stupid at Christmas. (Grand Falls Advertiser, December 22, 1973)

74 Dec 23 Our Town Merry Christmas

And Grandpa is still drunk!

Merry Christmas to all; and to all a good night!

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