1. My dad would love to be part if the interviews. His name is Bert Short.. grandson if George E. Sanders..


  2. I was told many years ago about arsehole pond ,,,its real name would be pronounced harsehole pond,,, many loggers came from out the bay and they would pronounce a horse as harse ,,,back then they had to find a watering hole for horses because a horse will not drink just any water and they would cut a large hole in the ice to water the horses hince the name harsehole pond,, i would pronounce horsehole,
    My mother told me that hodges hills was named after a man who had one arm who had saved a little girl from drowning and called it after him ,,, his last name is pronounced hude-gees but spelled hodgees cant rember his first name


    • I have heard both stories as well. There’s a common misconception about Hodge’s Hills being named after Hodges Toulette who did drown trying to save somebody in Rushy Pond. Hodge’s Hills were apparently named for a Captain Hodge who was an early settler in Hall’s Bay who was killed by the Beothuk. The source I saw that in was from before Hodges Toulette was born.


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