Video-Logging with Abitibi-Price in the Early 1990’s.


Logging with Abitibi-Price in Newfoundland Early 1990’s. Abitibi-Price logging operations in Central Newfoundland from the early 1990’s. Film shows the operations of contractor Glen Peyton in the Millertown area around 1994. At the time Peyton was operating out of Harpoon Brook Camp. Film was taken by either Craig or Sid Sheppard, or possibly Glen Peyton himself.

This film was sent to me by Desmond Kenny, a man with a great interest in logging and logging equipment, and is always looking for old logging equipment in Central Newfoundland. A great depiction of pulpwood logging operations in Central Newfoundland in the 1980’s and 90’s, showing skidders, slashers and forwarders in operation.

Even with all this equipment working, only a few years before this, logs were still being floated down the Exploits River on the log drive.

The length of time that it took the pulpwood logging industry to reach this stage from the earlier stage of “conventional logging” as depicted in the the 1957 film “Pulpwood” is actually quite alarming.  Much of the equipment in use in this film: the skidders, slashers, log loaders, and tractor trailers were all in use (in some form) within a dozen years of “Pulpwood” being filmed.

An interesting little tidbit, that Drott machine loading logs, was actually one of the first harvesters used in Central Newfoundland, back in the mid-1970’s.

The camp is Harpoon, and the operations, I was told, might possibly be in the area of Mine Pond, near Millertown.


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