Boat Inventory Pictures

Lewis Miller on boat better
Men on boat steam boat at Milletown, Probably the Annie, Circa 1901
Lewis Miller on boat
Lewis Miller and others on the Annie, note the heavy duty winch.
Annie Millertown
The West and Peachy steam warping tug SS Annie was the first boat used at Millertown. She was shipped to Newfoundland as a kit and assembled at Red Indian Lake. First large boat to be used on Red Indian Lake(
Log drive SS Annie
SS Annie on Red Indian Lake. After larger boats were built she was used for a number of years tending the boom at the mouth of Victoria River.
boats red indian lake
Boats on Red Indian Lake Circa 1911. The Lady Mary at left, the Henry M to the right. “The Company” motorboat is center left next to one of the scows used to transport men, horses and supplies around the lake.
Lady Mary Millertown
The SS Lady Mary, the first steamer built for the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company 1908-09.
Fleetway millertown
At 250 or 350 tons the Fleetway was the largest ship built in the interior of Newfoundland. 
The Frances H II, was used by the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company to supply its camps on the south side of Gander Lake. AND Co had some blocks of timber area in this area normally associated with Bowater. When this picture was taken around 1960 there were two camps with about 150 men working in the area. (News-Log)
Many boats were built in the woods as is evident from this picture taken at the Sandy Depot around 1960.
Fire patrol boat Mary March, used on Red Indian Lake and other lakes in Millertown Division, Photo Courtesy of Mac Squires.
Supply/tow boat on Victoria Lake, Circa 1960. Note the similarities with the Frances H II. It is very likely that this boat might be the Lady Northcott, since it was moved from Gander Lake to Victoria Lake; which also explains the similarities with the Frances H II.   Photo Courtesy of Mac Squires.
The Fleetway II, Miss Millertown and the fire patrol boat Mary March hauled up at Millertown.
Miss Millertown 1962 2
The Miss Millertown. Both the Fleetway II and the Miss Millertown were built by Russel Brothers of Owen Sound Ontario. This company supplied the company with numerous other boats for logging operations.
Russel boat Leonards lake
Russel winch boat towing a boom of pulpwood on Leonard’s Lake, Circa 1962
Winch Boat West lake
Russell Brothers “Steelcraft” winch boat. Probably the same one in the above picture, West Lake (Photo courtesy of Glen Fewer).
Boat Exploits Mill Pond Grand Falls Collins
The Russel winch boat Exploits at the Grand Falls Mill Pond.
Boat Mill Pond 1957
Boat in the Grand Falls Mill Pond 1957.
Tug Red Indian Bill Perry
Probably the last tugs used on Red Indian Lake, circa 1980’s-90’s. Photo courtesy of Bill Perry, picture below from Andy Barker.
slide 036
large steel tug towing a boom on Red Indian lake, Circa 1980. (Andy Barker)
Russel Boat “Victoria” Grand Falls Mill Pond, Circa 1970. (GFWHS)
Possibly the Fleetway II, or Miss Millertown. Red Indian Lake 1950s-1970s (GFWHS). Further investigations suggest that there might have been a “Russell Warping Tug” in addition to the 3 Russell Tugs on Red Indian.

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