Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company Logging Camp Contractor-Foremen, 1947.


Interesting snapshot of how many contractor foremen were employed by the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company in 1947. This was one of the peak years in terms of the number of men employed in logging in Newfoundland. In all likelihood each one of these names represents at least one set of camps.

There area number of names here that would still be operating 15 and even 20 years later, a few were gone altogether and some who were replaced by their sons, as is the case with Eli Peyton, father of Mac Peyton.

Woods Department Staff 1959.jpg
Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company Woods Department Management Staff 1959. Most of the names below are in this picture. 

The first table consists of the names of the AND Company contractors who were part of the first contractors association in 1947.

Division (S) Hometown if Known/Notes Notes:
Dorman White
Harvey LeDrew Terra Nova
John Head Terra Nova
James Wickens Badger Rushy Pond Siding
Thomas Elliott Badger (Marks Lake 1947) Eastport Veteran of WW1 started with Company in 1916. Retired in 1965.
Roy Peddle Terra Nova
Stephen J. Curran Terra Nova
William Pope Badger (Coronation Brook 1947) Badger Most of career with camps on Sandy side of Exploits
Leslie Harris Terra Nova, Later Badger Moved to Badger Division in 1960’s. Cut on New Sandy Road and around Pamehac ~1970
Elmo Burt Millertown, later Badger
Malcolm Freake Bishop’s Falls (Neyles Brook) Notre Dame Junction area.
Job Gill Millertown Millertown
A.F (Ford) Ball Badger (Michaels Brook)
Enos Tulk Millertown Ladle Cove
Simon Ward Terra Nova
Eli Stucklass Bishop’s Falls Point Leamington
Eli Peyton Bishop’s Falls Norris Arm
Clem McNaughton Bishop’s Falls
Harold Dyke Badger Rushy Pond
Percey Bessey Millertown
Joseph Lane Millertown
Freeman King
George White Bishop’s Falls Point Leamington Retired Circa 1961
James Rowsell Bishop’s Falls Point Leamington
B.S (Ben) Clarke Millertown/Badger Springdale
John Curlew Bishop’s Falls Northern Arm
Amos Feener Bishop’s Falls Point Leamington
Roy Wellon Millertown Millertown
James Thompson Bishop’s Falls Point Leamington
Selby Fudge
J. W (Joe) Bursey Millertown
Charles Fudge Bishop’s Falls (Gander Lake)
John Higgins
Pat Lahey Bishop’s Falls Retired in February 1965 after 38 years. Picture of his camp at Boney lake used in publications in 1955.
Mark Small Bishop’s Falls
Reginald Wellon Millertown
Herbert Matthews Millertown
S.E (Steve) Pinsent Millertown
Theo Stucklass Bishop’s Falls Point Leamington
Bob Budgell Badger (On Sandy 1947-48)
John Crocker Badger Heart’s Delight?
Pierce Penton Bishop’s Falls
Sam Bownes Badger Windsor or Rushy Pond
Leslie Rice Bishop’s Falls Point Leamington
Willis Bauld Millertown (Also drive foreman) Clarke’s Head, Gander Bay
Sidney King Bishop’s Falls Bishop’s Falls
Pierce Rideout Badger Pilley’s Island
A.S Whalen Bishop’s Falls Bishop’s Falls

Contractors not on my list, but recorded elsewhere in the 1947-48 time period.

Robert George Badger (First camp in Seabright’s Valley 1947)
Fred Pittman Badger
William Elliott Millertown
Philip Davis Badger (Sandy) Badger
Murdock Matthews Millertown Musgravetown, Later Millertown
A.J Kelly Terra Nova Gambo
A Perry Terra Nova
Reg Feltham Terra Nova
Tom Whiteway Badger
Stewart Chatman Badger Badger
Fred Pittman Badger
Alf Hancock Millertown
Joe Bursey Millertown
Fred Pittman Badger
Patrick Carroll Badger
Israel Eastman Terra Nova
John Day Millertown
Alfred Beaton Bishop’s Falls (Burnt Pond)
Noah Lane Millertown Millertown
Joe Bursey Millertown
Walter Stickland Badger ( Camp 4 Sandy Road)

Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company Contractor Foremen in the 1950’s and 60’s. (Note that some contractor-foremen recorded in the 1947 list such as Leslie Harris were still active in this time period).

James Vincent Badger Triton
John (Jack) Milley Badger Badger
Clayton Holloway Badger and New Bay Road Bloomfield
Ambrose Hollett Bishop’s Falls and Badger Norris Arm
Charlie Snook Millertown Sunnyside
Mac Peyton Bishop’s Falls (Jumper’s Brook) Norris Arm (later Botwood)
Harry Mayne Millertown Millertown
Robert Newhook Millertown
Baxter Day Millertown Millertown
Ford Hewlett Badger-Halls Bay
Adam Oldford Millertown
Wesley Kinden Millertown
Roy Wellon Millertown Millertown
William Armstrong Badger Little Bay, Later Badger
George Hayden Badger Badger

In 1963 operations out of Terra Nova were curtailed and some of the contractor foremen were moved to other divisions. Operations continued out of Gambo for that area of the former division. In 1965 all operations were folded into two divisions: Millertown and Bishop’s Falls-with Millertown taking in Millertown Division, some of Badger Division and Bishop’s Falls taking in most of Badger Division, Bishop’s Falls Division and all points east including operations in Gambo and Gander Lake.


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