Exploits Valley Salmon Festival Almanac: All the Quick Facts on Almost Every Salmon Festival that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Exploits Valley Salmon Festival Almanac: All the Quick Facts on Almost Every Salmon Festival that you can’t find anywhere else.

It is hard, if not impossible to find all of the details on who played each Salmon Festival. I have done my best to put all of that information in one place. I threw in the weather, because that is always a big factor in the days leading up to the concert.

Any help in filling in the gaps would be greatly appreciated.

The Beach Boys DID NOT play the Salmon Festival.

Year Acts Date

(Some have whole festival Date, others only concert date)

Notes Weather.

Note that the lows are recorded as low at 11:30 PM. Temperatures recorded at Badger

1985 Early Salmon Festivals included events in a few towns in the Exploits Valley, mainly Grand Falls, Windsor and Bishop’s Falls
1987 Photographic evidence suggests that Buddy Wasisname played a small inside venue.
1988 Hank Snow


Lloyd Colbourne was patron.
1989 Tommy Hunter

Donna and LeRoy

Simani (stadium Dance)

July 20-24

July 22

Kideo Probably played Windsor Stadium in many of the years below. Gordon Pinsent was Patron. High: 16.1
1990 Terry Kelly

Barry Canning

The beach Boys played a CANADA DAY concert at Centennial Field this year with over 30,000 in attendance.
1991 Trooper

Rogues Gallery

1992 Bachman, Turner, Overdrive (BTO)

Crash test Dummies

Jeff Dyer Band

Irish Descendants

July 11 or July 18

Judging from other dates more likely the 18th.

High: 19.4

It hit 0 degrees early that morning!

1993 Waylon Jennings

Alanah Myles

The Pursuit of Happiness

July 16 and 17 According to former Town Manager Mike Pinsent, Waylon Played on Friday along with his wife Jessi Colter and Alanah Miles played on Saturday. Jul 16, High: 11.6

High: 15.5

Low: 8.3

1994 The Rankin Family

The Irish Descendants

Debbie Jordan band

Great Big Sea

“Major rock Act” (Tom Cochrane)

The “Major Rock Act” was Tom Cochrane High: 18.8
1995 Blue Rodeo

The Stampeders

The Irish Decedents

Ray Lyell

Debbie Jordan

Maximum 80

Saturday July 15th Bon Jovi Played a separate concert only a few weeks later on August 5th. High: 20
1996 The Doobie Brothers

Burton Cummings

I Mother Earth

Bass is Base

Spirit of the West


July 18-22

July 20

High: 21.1

Low: 19.4


1997 Amanda Marshall, Kim Stockwood, Pamela Morgan, Billy & the Bruisers, Signal Hill July 19th High: 26.5

Humidex hit 35

Low: 16.7

1998 Great Big Sea

The Rankins,

Chantal Kreviazuk,

Philosopher Kings,

Wide Mouth Mason

Sideline, Celtic Connection

July 11 The Great Big Picnic High: 20.4

Low: 6.2

1999 Crash Test Dummies

Matthew Good Band


Johnny Favorite Swing Orchestra

July 17th I remember it being extremely hot but I had no idea that the humidex reached forty. High: 32.3

Humidex Reached 40

2000 Blue Rodeo, Damhnait Doyle, Nazareth,

I Mother Earth,

The Fables


July 15th High: 29.3

Low: 14.9

2001 Nelly Furtado,

The Tea Party,

The Moffatts,

Tom Cochrane, Barnacle,


Rod Jackson, Timber

July 21, 2001 High: 32.8

Humidex hit 35

Low: 17.3

2002 Our Lady Peace

Dr. Hook

David Usher

The Fables

Colin James


Barry Canning

July 20th High: 14

Low: 10

2003 Great Big Sea

Sam Roberts

Bif Naked

Swollen Members

Tom Cochrane and Red Rider

Thursday, July 17 – Monday July 21


Concert July 19

High: 28.6

Humidex Hit 37

Low: 19.1

2004 Bryan Adams

Colin James,

Crush, Shaye,


Simple Plan,

Barry Canning

July 15th until Monday, July 19th High: 28.3

Humidex 32

Low: 19.4

2005 The Tragically Hip

Finger Eleven, David Wilcox, Brothers in Stereo, Rod Jackson,

The Novaks

July 14th until Monday, July 18th

July 16

High: 18.9

Low: 12.2

2006 Live

Billy Talent

Theory of a Deadman

Kim Mitchell

Lou Gramm

The Fables

July 13th until Monday, July 17th.


Concert Sat July 15th

High: 15.5
2007 Good Charlotte, Alexisonfire, Classified,

Bachman and Cummings,

Hey Rosetta!


July 21 High: 21.0

Low: 18.4

2008 Blue Rodeo

Finger Eleven




July 17-21

July 19th


Humidex 27

Low: 11.4

2009 Akon

Our Lady Peace

Hey Rosetta

Tara Oram

Johnny Reid

The Navigators

Papa String

July 16th to July 20th July 18 High: 13.5

Low 10.5

2010 Tree Days Grace

Matthew Good

Faber Drive



Doc Walker

Matt Hornell and the Diamond Minds

July 17 High: 26.4

Humidex: 34

Low :17.6

2011 Kiss

Down of Webster

Fefe Dobson

Smash Mouth

ELO (but not really ELO)

July 9 Issues with beer lineups. Rained out of the heavens when KISS started set. First of the Maga concerts. High: 24.9

Low: 12.6

Rained around 9pm

2012 Aerosmith

Cheap Trick

Flo Rider

Uncle Kracker

Carly Rae Jepson

July 14 Excellent concert, possibly only complaint was with washroom lineups. High: 23.7

Low: 7.9

2013 The Eagles

The Tragically Hip

Blue Rodeo

Johnny Reid

Matt Minglewood Band

July 13 Possibly highest attendance at festival. Issues with water and VIP section. High: 30.8

Humidex Hit 34

Low: 12.8

2014 Maroon 5


Simple Plan

American Authors

Virginia to Vegas

July 5 Date was originally set for concert on July 12. Date shift due to mysterious circumstances with little notice before show, led to low attendance. Reportedly Elton John was to play the original date but cancelled because he was taking time off. High:26.6

Humidex hit 29

Low 17.8

2015 John Fogerty

Collective Soul

Tom Cochrane


The Fables

July 11 Attendance was severely effected by the Rod Stewart concert in St. John’s on the same day and the fact that Fogerty had played St. john’s twice in the past few years. This is actually a pretty solid line up, Had these issues not been factors this would have been a high attendance Salmon Festival. High: 14.9

Low: 10

2016 Trooper

The Stampeders

Cabbages and Kings

Buddy Wasisname

July 16 Scaled back due to loses with previous two years. High: 29.4

Humidex 33

Low: 12.5

2017 April Wine


Tyler Shaw


Barry Canning


July 13 High:21.8
2018 Emerson Drive

Aaron Pritchett

The Punters

8-Track Favorites

Kellie Loder

Rod Jackson and the Perfect Strangers


July 14 Bit of a bomb. Considering that most of the opening acts are probably more recognizable than the headliners. Reportedly only 700 tickets were sold. The Stadium Dance probably sold twice as many tickets. High: 25.0

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