Early Medicine in Grand Falls

An overview of medicine in Grand Falls before the opening of the current hospital in 1963, by Dr. John Forbes Brown. Why rewrite history! (especially when you are not that interested in the subject! But this is actually quite interesting).

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Newfoundland Medical Association Newsletter, Volume XV, No.3 (June, 1973)

Pages 11-13.

John Forbes Brown.jpg
Dr. John (jack) Forbes Brown on graduation from Dalhousie Medical School in 1924. On graduation he took a job in Grand Falls and would work at the hospital and as medical officer for the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company. His son who was known as Forbes Brown was a well known pharmacist in town. (https://findingaids.library.dal.ca/portrait-of-john-forbes-brown-class-of-1924)
John Forbes Brown Hospital 1954.jpg
Dr. J.F Brown during a visit by the current Lord Rothermere in 1954. 
Chamberlain Nurse Gilmour and Lord Northcliffe.jpg
Dr. Harry Chamberlain, Nurse Gilmour and Lord Northcliffe circa 1910-13. 
Dr Walter Scott and Nurses circa 1946.jpg
Dr. Walter Scott was another long time physician in Grand Falls. He came to Grand Falls a short time after Dr. Chamberlain. 
Lady Northcliffe Hospital.jpg
The Lady Northcliffe Hospital served Grand Falls from 1910 until 1963. The building was demolished in 1965.

John Forbes Brown came to Grand Falls to practice medicine in 1924 and retired in 1967.

As a side note: I believe  the first clinic or surgery was built on High Street and an additional fever hospital was built somewhere on Carmelite Road down the road from the Lady Northcliffe Hospital in either in 1910 (or before) or 1917.

Note that back in those early times both Millertown and Badger had full time doctors as well (and I believe at one time Millertown had an actual veterinarian). Although the little towns may have only had a few hundred residents, there would have been thousands of loggers going through those places every year and each one of them had to be cleared by a doctor before signing on.


One comment

  1. Bryan Marsh..
    A Great Post..Lots of great memories there…
    Four chrildren Bill, Mary, Forbes-
    Alias “Bus”..Great Family..In reality the Town is really not that
    old.My father was born in 1900-
    J.C.Sullivan his father1852 ..
    Over 6 generations still surving..


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