Map of Grand Falls Area 1950

Grand Falls Map 1950.jpg

If a picture paints a thousand words, a map might give you at least 2000. This a fairly detailed map from 1950 which is interesting on so many levels.

Most of the roads are not paved, except for a sizable section of the Botwood Highway. The main woods roads are classed as good as the Grand Falls to Badger Road. There are telephone lines on the main woods roads, as most camps were connected by phone. It’s 1950 so of course both the Canadian National and the Botwood Railways are still on the map. Also please bear in mind that the highway marked on the map is not the present TCH, and the section that passes though Grand Falls is now Lincoln Road.

There are two other communities besides Grand Falls and Windsor on the map too, Rushy Pond Siding, also known as Rushy Pond Waterchute or just Waterchute, and Rattling Brook Depot.

There is an extensive network of woods roads and portage roads and even a few camps are noted. Dams are everywhere, as needed to drive the wood to the mill. There isn’t a road bridge across the Exploits River anywhere. Strangely enough, although it was there, the golf course isn’t marked.

Corduroy Brook looks a nice bit bigger and there is a steady on it near the present site of Centennial Field. At one time I heard you could catch a few trout there!

That black rectangle denoting a building on the “outskirts” of Grand Falls (near the G in Grand Falls) on the Botwood Road, that’s the Highways Depot which was across the street from where BRIDE’S is today!

Here’s a link where it can be viewed in much higher resolution.


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