Forest Fire Regulation Card

I said to dad ” I am going to get a Keep Kool Bottle!” and I went to the shed to get a shovel.

Over the years I had pulled dozens of Pepsi and Sun Crest bottles from the old dump site. The Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company must have had a deal with Browning Harvey and not Gaden’s because I never found any Coke or Keep Kool Bottles, or should I be so lucky,  a Bond Beverages bottle.

I look down among the pile of old broken bottles, rusted cans and discarded boots staring back at me, only half in the soil is a piece of paper.  Printed paper? how the hell did something like this survive for over 50 years in an old camp dump? Well luckily it was laminated.

From my estimates, there would have been at least 3,000 of these printed, but this is the first one I have come across. As discussed previously, the risk of forest fire was a painful reality for the AND Co, but until the late 1950’s very little cutting took place during the fire season. But with the advent of pallet loading and truck hauling it appears that a lot of logging was done in the late spring. Add chainsaws into the mix and you have additional fire concerns on top of the eternal smoking and lunch fires.

These concerns were not as serious in the past since most of the summer work was associated with driving and sacking and would have taken place on or next to a body of water. But operating a gas powered saw in dry bush could be a recipe for disaster if the operator was careless or the saw malfunctioned. I know one old logger told me he doused his chainsaw in gasoline and lit it on fire! Luckily it was winter and he did so to thaw it out. Interestingly enough a few inches away from the card I also found part of the gas tank from a Pioneer 620 Chainsaw.

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