Cornerstone of the Mill

GF mill from old print
Artists conception of the mill from above circa 1910-1911. These are the original buildings-but which one was the cornerstone part of ?
Cornerstone advertiser
Here it is-the laying of the cornerstone for the Grand Falls Mill-But where is the exact location (From the Advertiser)
AND general office
With the demolition of the mill somebody recently asked if any of the crews had come across the cornerstone of the mill. The Cornerstone was lain in July of 1907 by the wife of the ¬†Governor of Newfoundland Lady MacGregor and contains “coins of the realm”-likely both British and Newfoundland Coins. The above pictures depict the mill buildings as they were circa 1910 and are the original buildings. The Question is where was the cornerstone lain and was it part of the buildings yet to be demolished? Or is the cornerstone lost, it might have been part of one of the buildings demolished in one of the previous renovations and expansions over the years. If memory serves me correctly the first few buildings included a machine shed and a paper storage shed.
part of the mill 1919
Part of the mill in 1919. Was the cornerstone part of one of these buildings. The answer is out there somewhere, most likely in one of the newspapers of the day.



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